Young Adults Guide To Job

The wayyyyyy too brief overview of Job

I’m sure we all know of a Negative Nancy, Wimberly Worry, or Complaining Carl in our lives.

With today’s super, instant, quick society where you can order food one minute and angrily call for the manager the next because the food is cooking for “too long,” there are way too many people who believe they’re entitled to everything in life.

Even if you aren’t personally like this yourself, (of course you couldn’t be since you’re awesome ????) as humans we tend to fall into wanting everything to go our way too.

Well, reading the book of Job is definitely an eye-opener and can make even the most stingy person grateful for all that they have.

Check out what makes Job such an inspiring, heartbreaking, and warming book with this short overview:

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Job is pretty lengthy to read. But really, his tale can be pieced into 3 major parts:

Rise of Job

Job starts out a very happy and righteous man of the Lord. No other man is as blessed and loving to God as he is.

He’s actually so amazing that God brags on him to the devil. The devil then bets that Job would stop loving God if He took everything he had. God gives the devil the choice to do with Job as he sees fit to which Satan steals every single thing away from poor Job.

Fall of Job

Job loses all his children, wealth, and even his health as he develops painful sores all over. Even though his faith is critically challenged, Job never disrespects or stops loving God. But he does do a great deal of suffering and cursing the day he was talking to his friends.

Revival of Job

For his immovable faithfulness, Job is blessed by the Lord and has everything restored to him. Double the amounts too!

And that’s a sweet and short summary of Job. You can also check out Overview Bible, which has loads more helpful info on every book of the Bible.

Now let’s jump into how to relate this book and its messages to our everyday lives as young adults in the 21st century!

Big Takeaway #1 – Coronavirus was a way to push people closer to God and trust in Him.

Job 37:5-7 “God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding… So that everyone He has made may know his work, He stops all people from their labor.”

This verse occurs after a man named Elihu gets tired of Job sulking about instead of keeping faith in God. He takes the time to explain that God, being all-powerful, has the power and the full right to speak and act to His people as He so pleases.

The big takeaway for us young adults from Job 37:5-7

The entire world was frozen by Coronavirus in 2020!

Never has something so great ever affected the whole globe as this sudden virus has done now. As the scripture mentions, labor has been stopped for millions of people. And it’s not just work, but school, libraries, arcades, gyms, you name it!

Our worldly distractions have been put on hold out of thin air.

God is more than capable of using a pandemic such as this to usher His people and the lost in towards Him to be saved. Now or in a time of silence or struggle is the perfect time to reflect on the Word and listen to what God is whispering to us.

Big Takeaway #2 – Wisdom knows no age.

Job 32:8-9 “But it is the spirit in a person, the breath of the Almighty, that gives them understanding. It is not only the old who are wise, not only the aged who understand what is right.”

Elihu continues to drop knowledge to Job here.

At first, he is fearful to speak his opinion to Job and his friends because he is much younger. But then he realizes that the spirit of the Lord which resides in himself is much wiser than any number of age can ever hope to be.

The big takeaway for us young adults from Job 32:8-9

Age is but a number.

What matters is your heart, soul, and spirit in the Lord. God works through those things, no matter your age, and can make you ready for anything in life.

Don’t fall into society’s norms believing there’s a proper age for everything. Follow God’s path and let Him guide you towards wisdom and preparation for all things no matter how old you are.

Big Takeaway #3 – It’s the darkest before the dawn.

Job 42:12 “The Lord blessed the latter part of Job’s life more than the former part.”

At the very end of Job’s book, after he had suffered great losses, the Lord blesses him like crazy with all sorts of new wealth (family, land, servants, etc).

It was a bit like losing a penthouse and a Ferrari in exchange for a mansion and a Lamborghini. Job never had to want for anything more and lived a full life.

The big takeaway for us young adults from Job 42:12

Just like the story of the hero’s journey (where it starts up, then gets taken down to rock bottom, and then ascends up to a new life) God will challenge us in the same way.

Sometimes God uses struggle, hardship, and getting to rock bottom to showcase our true character faith in Him.

For it’s easy to praise the Lord in good times but how many of us will continue in bad times?

God shows His power that when we continue to be guided and let him lead us through the darkness. The light is even greater on the other side.

So when looking at the COVID-19 crisis we are in (or any crisis you are in), fall back to the Lord and use this time to listen and learn from Him. Show your true faith to the Lord and He will bless you continuously past the struggle.

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