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Let’s make Christianity cool again…

As a young adult, it’s hard to stay rooted in your faith. The peer pressure and social obligation to getaway at this age is never stronger. As we head off to college, jump into our first career, or maybe are starting to dive into serious relationships that come with significant others, children, and the next level of responsibilities. We are here to keep you rooted in faith and make your faith something exciting and fun in your life like it was in your youth!

It’s our goal to not just strengthen the young adult Christian community but strengthen you during this season of your life. To give you a strong foundation and community to lean on from leaders that understand what you’re going through and can help guide you through.

Did You Know 66% of Young Adults Leave The Church?

96% Said It Was Because...
Life Changes (Moving cities, College, New Job, Relationships, etc.) 96%
73% Said It Was Because...
They Couldn't Connect to the Pastor or Leader Due to Age 73%
63% Said It Was Because...
They Didn't Connect with Anyone their Age at the Church 63%

1. We're 100% Online

Our end goal is to travel where you are but for now, we stay 100% online so no matter what life throws your way you can still be apart of our community.

2. Lead By Young Adults

We're able to connect and preach like no other Pastor you've seen before because we understand what it's like to be a young adult christian today and the battles we're facing.

3. We're All Young Adults

On open community of HOT (Honest, Open, and Transparent) young adult christians. We've got a family vibe and welcome all into our group no matter the country, nationality, or problems you're facing.

Meet The Leadership

Evan Laird Instagram

Lead Pastor | Evan Laird

I’m not your standard Pastor (still feels weird calling myself that) or what you think of when you think of a Pastor… But I’m here because God’s calling and his ability not my own. At 19 years old, my life was filled with drugs, alcohol, sex, unhealthy habits, and was in the middle of failing out of college. Through God’s will, he turned it all around. At 24 years old, and just five years later, God’s gifted and blessed me with a life unimaginable: Running a successful online business, traveling the world (20+ countries last year), and speaking in front of crowds for motivation and fitness. But God’s got a higher calling. He’s decided to use me not to just get you hyped or have a 6-pack to use my testimony, my turn-around, and my divine transformation for his good and his will.

That’s where my passion in the way I speak comes from and why I’ve dedicated my life to christ. Knowing that at one point I struggled heavily and may be right where you are in your shoes and if God can save me, it’s my sole mission to use the light I have to help God save as many others as possible.


Content Creator | Diamond Kelley

All the beautiful writing/content that you read not only comes directly from God and his word but it couldn’t happen without the mind, soul, and of course, typing fingers of Diamond. Diamond Kelley is an ambitious, self-published, children’s author/illustrator with a great love for Jesus. She seeks to grow God’s kingdom and fellowship with others through her creative passions in writing, art, and latest YouTube channel dedicated to her small Christian ministry. As she finishes up university majoring in Ministerial Leadership/Biblical Studies she hopes to be able to help and encourage people all over the world to lead more peaceful lives.